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This is a list of work-in-progress tutorials on how to create a server for Unreal Software games.


Counter-Strike 2D icon.png Counter-Strike 2D

First you need to download the client (and optionally the server software) from Download the Windows client .zip version and optionally the dedicated server for the operating system you are using. Note that the dedicated server is only available for Windows and Linux, not for MacOS. Once you've downloaded the files, extract them. In case you decided to get the dedicated server, extract it to the same folder as the Windows client .zip version of the game.


Open the sys folder, then open the server.cfg with Notepad or any text editor (ex. gedit on Linux). You can configure your server there.

Most important
Name Parameter Description
sv_name TEXT Change the word(s) after the "sv_name" to the name your server should have.
sv_hostport 0-65535 You need to forward this port in your router control to make it accessible from the internet.
If you are running more than one server, every one of them needs a different hostport!
sv_password TEXT If you want your server to have a password (so only players who have this password can join), set it here.
sv_rcon TEXT This is the password to control your server using dedicated. Use a strong one and do not give it to anybody you do not trust!
sv_maxplayers 1-32 The maximum number of players who can play at the same time.
sv_map TEXT What map must be loaded when you start server.
sv_fow 1/0 Enables/Disables Fog of War
sv_friendlyfire 1/0 Enables/Disables Friendly Fire
sv_lan 1/0 Enables/Disables LAN mode
sv_usgnonly 1/0 Can players join server if they have no USGN login / ID (1 - no, 0 - yes)
sv_maptransfer 1/0 Transfer map to joining player (if he not has this map)? (1 - yes, 0 - no)
sv_spraytransfer 1/0 ...
sv_gamemode 0-4 Sets gamemode (0 - standard, 1 - deathmatch, 2 - team deathmatch, 3 - construction, 4 - zombies)
sv_specmode 0-2 Sets spectator mode
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Save the file.


Now you have three different ways to host your server(s).

  1. Hosting via Internet: This is the most difficult one. Everyone can play on your server, but it needs some configuration on your router control center (if you have one). Normally you can reach it by entering your local IP in your browser's address bar and changing the last number to 1. Since every router is different, we cannot really help you on this. Detailed information about configuring routers is available at this site.
  2. Hosting via LAN: The easiest one. Everyone in your local network can join. However, people from outside your network can not reach your server. Just skip this part.
  3. Hosting via Hamachi (or any other tunnelling tool): Rather easy, but only players who have the same tool and are in the same virtual network can join. Perfect to play with friends. Download the tunnelling tool (e.g. Hamachi, Wippien), install and start it. The server has to proceed with starting the server (following), the clients need to start CS2D, go to "Find Servers", click on "Connect to IP" and enter the server's virtual IP (you can see it in Hamachi/Wippien) and click on connect.
Dedicated server window

Starting the server

Under Windows: Double-click on the cs2d_dedicated.exe. A new (console) window should pop up. Or double-click CounterStrike2D.exe and click "New Game" in the main menu to host a listen server.

Under Linux: You may need to give the cs2d_dedicated file execution rights. To do so, open a console, go to the directory the file is located with the cd command, and then use chmod +x cs2d_dedicated. Then just do ./cs2d_dedicated and it should run. You can also use CounterStrike2D to host a listen server like you can do on Windows.

Under MacOS: The dedicated server is not available for MacOS. You can only create a listen server using the game client and the "New Game" option from the main menu.

There are also some useful and optional server tools made by members of the community, and some are:

Cc icon.png Carnage Contest

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To host a server all you need to have is the client software as the server software is built-in.


Click Host, then enter the server name and UDP port. Click Okay. Configure the server how you wish - the interface is self-explanatory at that stage.


You can host either for everyone or for your friends.

  1. Hosting for everyone: Needs a configuration for your router similar to that for Counter-Strike 2D. The port that is needed to be forwarded is UDP port 36963. Detailed information about forwarding your ports is available at this site.
  2. Hosting for friends: Hamachi is used for that purpose. Configuration is same as for Counter-Strike 2D.

A detailed manual for hosting a Carnage Contest server is available here.

MinigolfMadnessIcon.gif Minigolf Madness

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S2 icon.png Stranded II (with Multiplayer Mod)

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Playing Stranded II over the internet is currently not even possible with the Multiplayer Mod, due to the masterserver being offline. The most convenient way to use the Multiplayer Mod is by using Hamachi or other tunneling software, and so creating a network which acts like a local network.

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