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Stranded I (released simply as Stranded, now also known as Stranded 1 or SI / S1 for short) is a freeware 3D-adventure-survival-game developed by Peter Schauss (aka DC). Its most recent release was published as "gold" version on December 5, 2003.

Selected article
Mr. Stranded is the name given by the community to the unnamed character that struggles to survive in Stranded I and Stranded II. It is unknown if the character in the first Stranded is the same as the second, as the second part is more of a remake and major improvement to the first part rather than a storyline sequel.
In the news
  • The first alpha version of Stranded I was announced on the 8th of July, 2003.
  • The first public version of Stranded I was released on the 31st of July, 2003 - one day after the release of the first beta version.
  • The last and final version of Stranded I was released on the 5th of December, 2003, seeing the addition of the pine tree, the bird, and other minor changes and additions.
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