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Author: Unreal Software
Current version: (06.03.2005)
Release date: 2005
Genre: Casual
Download link: Download
Minigolf Madness (often abbreviated to MM) is a small Minigolf game developed by Peter Schauss. The latest version was published as a gold version on Mar 6, 2005.

Unfortunately, this is an old project which hasn't been worked on since the release of the Gold version and it is only available in German. Several attempts have been made to translate it to English by the community users.

The games package features over 20 built-in mapsets with over 120 courses. Custom mapsets can easily be made with the editor. Despite the fact that the game has the gold status, it's still full of bugs and the join-by-USGN system doesn't work anymore.



Hole in one!

Minigolf Madness is a small minigolf game which is different to other minigolf games because of its special objects. You can try to underbid the records or play with up to 8 players at the same PC, online or in a LAN. Offers slow-paced and simple entertainment. The map editor allows you to create your own courses. Note: There is no official English version. The download is German.

  • many exciting courses
  • lots of special objects
  • records ystem
  • multiplayer mode with up to 8 players
  • map editor
  • automatic map transfer
  • dynamic music system



  • On CD of German magazine "PC-Gamer"


  • The game has been programmed using Blitz3D.
  • Peter Schauss wrote Minigolf Madness in about 2 months while taking a break from Stranded II



English and German Download

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Selected article
A course is a Minigolf Madness map. Its name originates from the name golf course, as the game is about minigolf. It is not however to be confused with a parcour as a parcour is a different type of maps.


  • At least one hole
  • At least one ball
  • Different obstacles to make the process of getting the ball to fall into the hole more difficult
  • Decorations to make the map more appealing
Attention required
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In the news
  • The user senar has made an unofficial Minigolf Madness English translation. It is available here.
  • Minigolf Madness has been released Mar 6, 2005.
  • Minigolf Madness was announced Jan 1, 2005.
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