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The Carnage Contest portal

Carnage Contest is a 2D turn based multiplayer shooter with fully destructible terrain.

You can play online with and against your friends on randomly generated maps. It's also possible to draw your own maps. You can simply import bmp and png images as maps or use the in-game editor.

Moreover there is a huge arsenal of weapons. All scripted with Lua. Experienced players can easily modify existing weapons or create completely new ones! Weaponsets allow you to quickly define which weapons will be available in the game

So what are you waiting for? Time to kick your enemy's ass!

Selected article
Simple but effective, the Bazooka is the primary weapon in the game, shooting explosive ballistic rockets. They are highly influenced by wind, so watch out - a slight breeze can effectively turn this weapon against you.


How to use

  • Aim with [UP]/[DOWN]/[LEFT]/[RIGHT]
  • Hold [SPACE] to charge
  • Release [SPACE] to fire the weapon

Damage table

Explosion damage

Attention required
How you can help
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In the news
  • Carnage Contest has entered the Beta stage of development with the release of version on Oct 24, 2011, introducing numerous new Lua commands, scripted game enders and a fan-made weapon. The official news and the full changelog are available here.
  • A changelog of the new Carnage Contest version has been shown to public.here
  • Carnage Contest was released Sep 30, 2010, bringing a lot of new weapons and tools, server settings, Lua commands and two new gamemodes.
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