German How to Building Social Connectivity using Clubhous

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Social media has a lot of influence on people's way of life and perspective of life and the social media pressure is a real issue where people are obligated to live a certain lifestyle in order to project themselves as being in the trend and “fit in”. Apps like clubhouse don't have such pressure since it is an audio based social media app that is used to make conversations with their followers. The best part about it is that it is an invite-only social media app which requires an invite to sign up and enter the chatroom for taking part in the speech sessions, which means there is minimal traffic and no fake followers.

Turnkeytown excels at <DELETED> which offers various features that enhance a better chatroom social media experience. In the clubhouse clone, users have to sign up and pick a topic for the day and simply start talking about it, those who are interspersed with it will become the followers and listen to it.

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